BlazeMeter Sense

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5 Hours of Reports Monthly

5MB Max Upload File Size

2 Team Members

7 Days Data Retention


$/ mo

Hours of Reports Monthly+

MB Max Upload File Size+

Team Members+

Days Data Retention+



As Many Hours as You Need

Large Files & Large Teams

Extended Data Retention Terms

Enhanced Service Support

Pricing FAQ

What are “report hours” and how are they calculated?

The "report hours" is the sum of durations for all of the reports within billing cycle (usually 1 month). Test duration is calculated as time period since report start until report end, no matter if there were gaps between requests inside. If report is less than 5 minutes duration, it is still counted as minimal 5 minutes duration charge.

How can I share my plan with teammates?

You can share your plan resources so your report hours balance will be spent for your teammates reports. To do so, create a projects folder and add your colleagues to that group as Testers (or Owners). Then, if they will upload report within that projects folder, they will use your report hours balance.

What is upload filesize limit?

It's the limit of size for single file to upload. For example, 100MB is your plan limit. You can upload many files of 100MB during your work, several gigabytes in total, just have each of them smaller than 100MB.