BlazeMeter Sense

Fast and Powerful Reports

Enjoy fast interactive reports which enable you to dissect the data and reach conclusions quicker than ever before. BlazeMeter Sense features a rich set of reports, each one displaying a different aspect of your load test. View the results of multiple tests at once, monitor your resources and server health, get immediate feedback while your test is still running, and more.

Open Source Compatible

BlazeMeter Sense allows you to analyze results collected from popular open source tools like Apache JMeter and Apache Benchmark. Use its JMeter plugin to streamline the process entirely - just run your test and your results will automatically be uploaded at the end.

Collaborative and Scalable

Increase productivity by inviting your teammates to work on your projects, share data and view reports. Maintain full control with three levels of permissions: view only, power users, and project administrators.

Structured Information Storage

Data management is easy with Sense. Keep your performance test results well organized in a methodically structured architecture. Organize your reports into groups, projects, and even groups of projects - and share with your colleagues and teams.

JMeter Plugin

Never lose another report! Sense’s JMeter plugin enables you to get automated uploads of your results immediately after you’ve run your load test. All results go immediately to your project workspace inside Sense - without any intervention from you. Get the JMeter Plugin

Continuous Integration & Automation Friendly

Sense fits perfectly into automated workflows, including Continuous Integration processes. Use the Sense API or JMeter plugin to upload result files automatically - and retrieve the data in a machine-readable format for further automated processing.

Compare Load Test Results

Upload several reports and then compare them side by side. With this view, it’s easy to pinpoint KPI changes between test runs and discover which performs better. View Sample Reports

View Live Results While Load Test is Running

View and share live results on graphs in the UI while you’re running your load or performance test. Get immediate feedback on how your load test is doing - and work in collaboration with your teammates.

PDF Download

Every report can be downloaded as a PDF file and saved, printed or emailed - so you can easily share results with customers or your management team.

Data Privacy Protected

All data is securely stored on Sense’s dedicated server. No passwords are stored on your account and Transport Layer Security (TLS) is used to encrypt the network exchange when your data is uploaded and reports are viewed.

Contact support if you have more questions or concerns about data privacy